Faurecia - United Kingdom

Faurecia - United Kingdom was awarded the Top Employers United Kingdom and Top Employers Europe certification.

Faurecia - United Kingdom

Faurecia is a Global Player in the Automotive Industry. With 248 sites including 37 R&D centres in 37 countries around the world. Faurecia is a global leader in its four areas of business automotive seating, interior systems, clarion electronics and clean mobility. Faurecia is the world's number one supplier of seat frames and mechanisms, emissions control technologies and vehicle interiors. The Group is also the world's third largest supplier of complete seat systems. Faurecia are a trusted partner for global automakers worldwide. One vehicle in three in the world includes a Faurecia technology.

Four megatrends are accelerating change across the automotive industry: Connectivity, Autonomous driving, Ride-Sharing and Electrification.

From energy efficient and zero emissions vehicles to connected and predictive cockpits, Faurecia is creating long-term value for all stakeholders by providing solutions for Sustainable Mobility and the Cockpit of the Future around the world.

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