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Soufflet Agro Ukraine Ltd

Soufflet Agro Ukraine Ltd was awarded the Top Employers Ukraine certification.

Soufflet Agro Ukraine Ltd

Soufflet Group is a French agri-food group on an international scale.

It operates in the barley, wheat and rice and pulses sectors, and supports wine growers.

As the leading private-owned cereal buyer in Europe, it operates in international markets through its subsidiary Soufflet Négoce.

In the barley sector, it is a key player in the global malt market in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.
In the wheat industry, the Group is one of Europe's leading millers and an expert in custom ingredient blends. It also develops and manufactures enzymes and yeasts and is a major player in the bakery food industry in France and Portugal, and is also active in the fast food sector.

The Soufflet Group invests in research and innovation to enhance the value of agricultural resources using a sustainable development approach.

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