Roche Diagnostics Turkey

Roche Diagnostics Turkey was awarded the Top Employers Turkey certification.

Roche Diagnostics Turkey

Since 1991, Roche Diagnostics has been serving in the leading Medical Faculties, Ministry of Health Research and Training Hospitals, private hospitals and laboratories of Turkey. Starting out with the aim of becoming one of Turkey's leading healthcare company in light of Roche's global expertise and experience, Roche Diagnostics Turkey improves patients' lives within Centralized and Point of Care Solutions, Molecular Diagnostics and Diabetes Care areas with its innovative and high-tech devices for professional and personal use and its biochemistry, hormone, genetics, molecular and cancer test portfolio. Having approximately 270 employees today, Roche Diagnostics Turkey also attaches great importance to the professional services it offers, aiming to increase the quality of people's lives and the quality of service of healthcare organizations and taking into account its position in emergency services.

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