Groupama Sigorta A.Ş.

Groupama Sigorta A.Ş. was awarded the Top Employers Turkey certification.

Groupama Sigorta A.Ş.

Groupama, the biggest mutual insurance company in France, is the market leader in many lines of business such as agriculture, health insurances and nursing care at home guarantee. Outside of France, Groupama is engaged in Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, China and Tunisia; in total of 9 countries in Europe and Asia. Groupama has 12 million customers and 32.000 employees. The Group is providing products and services adapted to the needs and demands of their clients in insurance and banking sectors.

Groupama had started its activities in Turkey in 1991 by acquiring %36 of Güneş Sigorta’s shares. Later, Groupama took over Başak Emeklilik and Başak Sigorta in 2006, and Güven Hayat and Güven Sigorta in 2008. The activities of Başak and Güven companies were merged under the name Groupama A.Ş. in 2009.

“Groupama is one of the leading company groups in Turkey in Life and Non-Life lines of business with TRY 1.347 million of premium production in 2018.” Groupama is also among insurance companies having one of the largest distribution channels in Turkey with its 1675 general agencies, 85 brokers.

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