METRO Cash&Carry

METRO Cash&Carry was awarded the Top Employers Russia and Top Employers Europe certification.

METRO Cash&Carry

METRO is a leading international specialist in food wholesale. The group is headed by METRO AG, which acts as the central management holding company. It performs group management functions, particularly in the areas of finance, controlling, legal and compliance. Central management and administrative functions for METRO Wholesale are anchored within METRO AG.

In its core wholesale business, METRO Wholesale is globally represented with 678 stores in 25 countries. In addition, METRO Wholesale is active with the delivery business (Food Service Distribution, FSD) in another 10 countries. The delivery business includes the METRO delivery service as well as the delivery specialists Classic Fine Foods, Pro à Pro and Rungis Express.

In Russia METRO Cash&Carry operates 93 stores in 51 regions.

Our Guiding Principles are the key to fulfilling our Brand Claim: “Your success is our business”. They provide sense and purpose for all METRO employees in their day-to-day business dealings as they describe how we want to work together at METRO. The principles define how we aim to become the Employer of Choice through our employees so that each of them is a #METROhero.
- Power of Relationships
- Customer Success
- Sustainable Business
- Ownership
- Leadership by Example

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