Lidl Srbija KD

Lidl Srbija KD was awarded the Top Employers Serbia and Top Employers Europe certification.

Lidl Srbija KD

Lidl is the largest European discount chain. Together with Kaufland, Lidl is part of the Schwartz Group, headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany.

Lidl Srbija KD hes started operations in 2010 by registering the first employee in Serbia. Locations are being bought, the Lidl team was growing, our facilities are being built. In August 2017, we have moved to our HQ, a smart building in Nova Pazova, and in June 2018, right next to our HQ, we had officially opened the Logistics Center. In October 2018, we opened the doors of the first stores to consumers in Serbia, and that is where our story begins. With the constant opening of new stores throughout Serbia, our Lidl team is also growing. There are currently more than 2,200 of us and we are glad that there will be even more of us in the future. In order for such a large team to work as one, it is necessary to have a good and orderly system with clearly defined processes, values ​​and management principles. That is why we like to say that our success is not a secret, success is our system.

As Lidl is driven by people, it is important for us that all Lidl employees are satisfied and work in conditions in which they can reach their full potential. Therefore, we put the well-being of our employees in the first place and dedicated not only a large number of projects to it, but also an entire department in Human Resources - Care for Employees. Our priorities are to create a good atmosphere at workplace, dedicated and thorough introduction to work and development of employees according to their personal ambitions and affinities.

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