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Lear Corporation Poland

Automotive, Manufacturing
Lear Corporation Poland was awarded the Top Employers Polska certification.
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Lear Corporation is a component supplier (Tier 1) for all major automotive manufacturers in the world. Lear is engaged in the business of manufacturing and distribution of automotive seating and electrical distribution systems. Our parts are found in over 400 types of cars around the world. Last year we were celebrating 100 years jubilee. Lear Corporation's plants are located in 39 countries on 6 continents, and the head office is in the US in Southfield, Michigan. Company employs approximately 165,000 employees. In 2017, the company was ranked #148th on the companies listed on Fortune 500. In Poland, Lear Corporation is present for 21 years and has 5 modern production plants and 2 R&D centers, employing approximately 10,000 employees. The company's headquarters is located in Tychy, the remaining branches are located in Jarosław, Mielec, Legnica and Bieruń.

Number of employees: 165000
Number of active countries: 39

The research

Our comprehensive independent research revealed that Lear Corporation Poland provides exceptional employee conditions, nurtures and develops talent throughout all levels of the organisation and has demonstrated its leadership status in the HR environment, always striving to optimise its employment practices and to develop its employees.

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