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Bank Pekao S.A.

Bank Pekao S.A. was awarded the Top Employers Polska certification.
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Bank Pekao SA operates for 85 years and is one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. In terms of capital strength measured as capital adequacy ratio, Bank Pekao is a leader among large banks operating in Poland and one of the safest banks at the Pan-European level (Pekao Core Tier 1 ratio at the end of the 1st quarter of 2016 is at the level of 18.5%). Rank no. 1 of Bank Pekao in Poland and among the biggest EU banks was confirmed by stress tests and AQR tests. Bank Pekao was awarded with many prestigious and popular prizes and titles, both in the national, as well as international level.

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Our comprehensive independent research revealed that Bank Pekao S.A. provides exceptional employee conditions, nurtures and develops talent throughout all levels of the organisation and has demonstrated its leadership status in the HR environment, always striving to optimise its employment practices and to develop its employees.

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