Ordina was awarded the Top Employers Nederland certification.


We are Ordina. We are the largest IT service provider in the Benelux region. Our success is built on being there for our customers and helping them to solve their problems. We ensure that they gain – and maintain – a digital head start so that they can continuously improve their market position. Using technology as the key to tackling the customer’s organisational challenges, we devise smart and innovative solutions. Furthermore, we take an end-to-end approach: we not only design but also build and subsequently manage applications to help our customers stay ahead of the challenges and changes in their sector – whichever sector that might be. We work for customers across the financial services, government, industry and healthcare sectors. To help customers understand what we can do for them, we base our services around five business propositions.

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The four stages of the Certification Programme:

  1. Survey

  2. Validation

  3. Certification

  4. Feedback

How We Certify