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Maastro Clinic

Maastro Clinic was awarded the Top Employers Cure & Care certification.
  • Top Employers Cure & Care

Maastro Clinic is a radiation therapy centre which focusses on both the treatment of cancer patients, and advancing translational research. At Maastro Clinic, the staff remain up to date with the latest advances in radio-therapeutic treatment and care. Each patient is unique, and so individualized treatment is at the core of Maastro’s ethos. Prediction software, utilizing patient specific data, is employed to select the best possible medical care for each and every patient. All treatments performed are state of the art and for lung and rectal cancer especially, Maastro is the worldwide front runner. Maastro Clinic excels in innovation, patient care, and safety, al

Number of employees: 275
Number of active countries: 1

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Our comprehensive independent research revealed that Maastro Clinic provides exceptional employee conditions, nurtures and develops talent throughout all levels of the organisation and has demonstrated its leadership status in the HR environment, always striving to optimise its employment practices and to develop its employees.

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