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Pernod Ricard Mo�ambique Lda

Pernod Ricard Mo�ambique Lda was awarded the Top Employers Mozambique and Top Employers Africa certification.

Pernod Ricard Mo�ambique Lda

Pernod Ricard Mozambique is one of six African market companies to proudly fly the flag of the Pernod Ricard Group. The French-based Pernod Ricard Group is the world co-leader of the wine and spirits industry, delivering on leading premium brands such as Chivas Regal, Jameson Whiskey, ABSOLUT vodka and G.H.Mumm Champagne.
Pernod Ricard Mozambique was established in 2015. Over the past 3 years, it has grown significantly within the local market and still continues to thrive. As the �creators of conviviality� and backed by sound business values and a belief in building lasting relationships, the respected Pernod Ricard tradition continues to be carried forward with vibrancy and passion by the men and women behind Pernod Ricard Mozambique.

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