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Scania was awarded the Top Employers Mexico certification.


Scania is a worldwide company, which has a sales of buses, tractors, engines and services network in more than 100 countries. Also offer financial services in numerous markets, with production in Europe, South America and Asia.
With 18,400 sales and services employees worldwide, Scania has a strategic position in the operations of its clients in 100 countries from different parts of the world. Its head office is in Södertälje.
With 3,500 employees working in research and development operations, its goal is to develop high quality products and solutions to satisfy the specific customer demand, with short delivery times, from the concept to launching.
Its success is based on fundamental values: the customer comes first, respect for the individual, waste disposal, team spirit and integrity. These values reflect their journey towards a more sustainable future and their role in the ecosystem, as well as its position within the TRATON GROUP. In addition, these values will continue to be fundamental to the way of managing the company, building a global leadership in sustainable transport.

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