Lidl Lietuva

Lidl Lietuva was awarded the Top Employers Lithuania and Top Employers Europe certification.

Lidl Lietuva

As part of the 'Schwarz Group' with its headquarters in Neckarsulm, 'Lidl' is a retailer and one of the major companies in the food retail industry in Germany and Europe. With its presence in 32 countries worldwide, 'Lidl' currently operates more than 10 thousand stores and over 150 distribution centres in 32 countries throughout the world.
'Lidl' is the discount store chain which aims to offer the best price-quality ratio to the customers. Dynamism, social responsibility, result orientation and honesty are values that describe 'Lidl' across the world.
'Lidl Lietuva' entered the Lithuanian market in 2016 with 15 stores and has become one of the key players in the retail market, selling food and non-food products for an optimal price-quality ratio. Currently, we have 53 stores in Lithuania. Further expansion is planned.

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