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Valeo Automotive Korea

Valeo Automotive Korea was awarded the Top Employers South Korea and Top Employers Asia Pacific and Top Employers Global certification.
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In Korea, Valeo Group produces Alternator at Kyeongju site, Transmission at Daegu site, HVAC and EGR Cooler at Changwon site and Compressor die-casting at Ansan site. And there is a Sales Office in Seoul, Yeoido, and CDA R&D Office in Hwasung, Kyeongi-do. Total employees are 2,500 in 2014.

Number of employees: 2500
Number of active countries: 1

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Our comprehensive independent research revealed that Valeo Automotive Korea provides exceptional employee conditions, nurtures and develops talent throughout all levels of the organisation and has demonstrated its leadership status in the HR environment, always striving to optimise its employment practices and to develop its employees.

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