Toyota Motor Italia

Toyota Motor Italia was awarded the Top Employers Italia certification.

Toyota Motor Italia

Sustainability and respect for the environment have always been priorities for the Toyota Group. In 2015, the company launched the Environmental Challenge 2050, a holistic plan that aims to achieve total sustainability in the life cycle of its products. The response to environmental challenges for the Toyota Group, world leader in the field of electrified engines with over 16 million hybrid-electric vehicles sold worldwide since 1997, is based on the progressive electrification of propulsion systems and the development of all electrified technological solutions (Full Hybrid, Plug in Hybrid, Pure Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell). Lexus, the Group's premium brand, launched in 1989 worldwide (in 1993 in Italy), is the global leader in the sale of hybrid electric vehicles in the premium market. Toyota Motor Italia is the subsidiary of the Japanese company in the Italian market, taking care of Sales & Marketing activities for the Toyota and Lexus brands.

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