Rai Way S.p.A.

Rai Way S.p.A. was awarded the Top Employers Italia certification.

Rai Way S.p.A.

Pioneers in broadcasting, Rai Way’s engineers and technicians ensure that every household has access to information, sport and entertainment at all times. As a leading provider of integrated network infrastructures and services for broadcasters, telecommunications operators, private companies and public administration, Rai Way uses its assets and expertise to guarantee the broadcasting and transmission of television and radio contents to the public broadcasting service, in Italy and abroad, and to offer integrated services to its customers.

As a public broadcaster in a changing world, Rai Way invests in new technologies, placing innovation and sustainability at the heart of its strategy. With over 2.300 sites and a presence across all of Italy's regions, we care about the communities we work in, ensuring a positive impact is had on the people, environment, and communities we serve.
We invest in talent, and with digital transformation at the heart of our corporate culture, consistent training of our resources and investing in new resources are core values of the Company. Working at Rai Way means being part of team that brings emotions into the homes of all Italians.

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