LeasePlan Italia

LeasePlan Italia was awarded the Top Employers Italia certification.

LeasePlan Italia

LeasePlan is a leader in two large and growing markets: Car-as-a-Service for new cars through the LeasePlan brand and the high-quality three-to-four year old used car market, through its business.

LeasePlan�s Car-as-a-Service business purchases, funds and manages new vehicles for its customers, providing a complete end-to-end service for a typical contract duration of three to four years. is a pan-European digital marketplace for high-quality used cars seamlessly delivering any car, anytime, anywhere and is supplied with vehicles from LeasePlan�s own fleet as well as third-party partners.

LeasePlan has 1.9 million vehicles under management in over 30 countries.

With over 50 years� experience, our strategy is to lead the megatrend from ownership to usership taking place in both of these markets.

Our mission is to provide What�s next in mobility via an �any car, anytime, anywhere� service � so our customers can focus on What�s next for them.

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