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Imperial Tobacco Italia

Imperial Tobacco Italia was awarded the Top Employers Italia and Top Employers Europe certification.

Imperial Tobacco Italia

Imperial Brands is a fast moving consumer goods company, listed on the London Stock Exchange. It has approximately 36,000 employees, the headquarter is in Bristol (UK), and it’s the fourth largest manufacturer worldwide in the tobacco industry. The Company is in Italy with the Imperial Tobacco Italia branch since 2008. It is based in Rome, with 217 employees, who follows activities both in the traditional tobacco sector and in new generation products as well. In just ten years, Imperial Tobacco Italia reached and exceeded the national market share of 5% for the first time with the traditional tobacco products, working in parallel in the development of vaping. From 2018 to 2019, the share of vapers among adult population grew by 4%, reaching 2% in January 2019. Aiming to become a leader in the new generation products, the local workforce has been significantly implemented in the last year, with an improvement around 25% and an average age of employees under forty years. People work in a dynamic and international context, with a special attention to personal growth and innovation. Italy is one of the Group's strategic market, one of the pilot countries where new generation products have been launched first. Globally, over 800 million Euros have been invested for this purpose, while launching an ambitious acquisition program. In 2013, Imperial Brands has bought patents for product development from Dragonite International Ltd, co-founded by Hon Lik, considered the global creator of the electronic cigarette. In 2017 it joined the Nerudia Group, a British start-up leader in the research and production of liquids. In March 2018, the Company has also finalized a participation in the American Cosmic Fog Vapors, considered an iconic company in the field of flavors liquids.
Our operating environment is changing and we are changing too, transforming into a leaner and more agile business. We’re proud of our long history, and the strength of our brands and the talents of our people are a winning combination to deliver quality sustainable growth in the years ahead.

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