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BIP was awarded the Top Employers Italia certification.


Bip is a leading European consulting company. Founded in 2003, today employs more than 3,300 professionals, who deliver management consulting and business integration services supporting companies in the research and adoption of disruptive technological innovation.

Today Bip has offices in Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, United States, United Arab Emirates, Chile and Colombia. We operate in the following industries: Energy & Utilities, Technology, Media, Entertainment & Telco, Financial Services, Public Sector, E-Commerce, Retail & Consumer Goods e Manufacturing.

Our expertise in Programme Management, Operations, IT Governance, Strategy & Business Transformation, Big Data & Data Science, Cyber Security, Digital Transformation, Design Thinking & Customer Experience, Sales Transformation, Procurement, Human Capital, Energy Management, Plant & Logistics, Asset Management & Six Sigma and M&A is at the disposal of our clients.

Bip is an ambitious and dynamic young firm where the human element remains a priority, backed by an open-door philosophy at every level.

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