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Kuehne+Nagel Ltd

Kuehne+Nagel Ltd was awarded the Top Employers United Kingdom certification.

Kuehne+Nagel Ltd

Kuehne+Nagel is one of the world's leading logistics companies. Our strong market position lies in the seafreight, airfreight, contract logistics and overland businesses.
At Kuehne+Nagel UK we are ambitious and strive to be the best. There's no time to stand still in our market our customers are always evolving, so we are too.
Our customer focus is relentless because our customers trust us to deliver for them. We've got a reputation built on credibility, so we don't make promises lightly.
Ambition isn't possible without a foundation to build on: we're stable and secure with a clearly defined plan for where we're going. We've been doing this for 50 years, so we know our stuff.
No two days are the same at Kuehne+Nagel UK. There are opportunities for all our people to make a difference, and everyone can have their voice heard. We're big, but we maintain an entrepreneurial spirit with a real focus on continuous improvement and development.

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