Harrods was awarded the Top Employers United Kingdom certification.


As many lives, generations, cultures and stories pass through our doors, our mission remains unchanged: to service the needs and aspirations of our customers, to create new stories and bring moments of delight. Whoever they are and wherever they come from, our customers can always expect to be treated with grace, courtesy and care.

Opened by Charles Henry Harrod, an East End grocer and tea merchant, in 1834, relocating to Knightsbridge in 1849, our store is recognised globally as a symbol of excellence. It was after a fateful evening in 1883 that our defining moment came. On this night, despite the store burning down; we still managed to fulfill all Christmas orders on time, and exceeded all of our original trade targets. Since this event and the unswerving determination of our people that followed, the desire to make the impossible possible became embedded in our culture. This is why today we ask all of our colleagues to believe in the Art of the Possible. To challenge all conventional views of what is and isn’t possible and in turn creating new possibilities into an art form. This is what drives us, this is our flame.

We are truly unique - a house of maisons, a modern atelier, a workshop of wonders, a convener, patron and a celebrator of the world’s finest. Known around the world as one of the great luxury emporiums, we offer a transformative experience to customers who know that true value of exceptional goods and services lies beyond price. We are committed to excellence and artistry, inspired to reinvent and surprise, ensuring our position as a leader in the category.

Since 2017, our Owner Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) has supported our decision to invest into the evolution of the store. From Fashion Designer rooms to extended beauty Halls, food halls and restaurants, every aspect of the store is being re-imagined to optimise the customer experience and enable us maintain our place as the masters of luxury and the experts of exceptional. Every year, over 60 million domestic and international visitors connect with us online and through our stores in Knightsbridge, Heathrow and Gatwick airports as they wish to experience something unique that is quintessentially British. This can only be possible with the dedication of our people. Speaking in Mandarin, Arabic, French or English (just to name a few), they are trusted experts and guides who help customers make the most informed and inspired choices possible. Our people are our strength - their unique personalities and their desire to exceed expectations are what enables us to make the impossible possible for our customers.

Our customers are at the heart of our success. They’re the reason we exist, and we never forget it. And we’re always looking for new exceptional people who want to connect to them, to delight them and to become part of our story.

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