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FirstPort Ltd

FirstPort Ltd was awarded the Top Employers United Kingdom certification.

FirstPort Ltd

We are the UKs largest residential property manager, overseeing 196,000 homes in England, Wales and Scotland across over 3,900 developments. We are the market leading operator, with four decades of experience and 3,200 employees who take great pride in looking after our customers homes.

Our relationship with our employees starts from before they join the organisation with a warm welcome and a commitment to make sure they have everything they need for their new career with us. This continues as we help them grow and develop with exciting programmes that encourage them to flourish and have a long and happy career with us.

We are recognised as being top of our game, with an industry-first five star rating from the British Safety Council, and over 6,000 nominations through the national WOW! Awards programme. This gives us the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful work of our employees who are providing a stand-out service for our customers.

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