Otis was awarded the Top Employers España certification.


Otis is the world's leading company in the vertical transportation industry, improving the quality of life of millions of people. In Spain it looks after the maintenance of over 245,000 lifts, escalators and moving walks. The Company is formed by more than 4,500 workers, their abilities and commitment drive the success of OTIS, reaching the maximum potential working as a team. It has three factories located in Madrid, San Sebastián and Vigo and more than 250 work centers and points of assistance that make up the commercial network. In Madrid, account also with one of the six centers of Engineering that Otis has in the whole world. At Otis, we create and develop the best solutions to keep people safe and in motion, based on our principles of Safety, Ethics, Environment, Quality, Accessibility and Innovation and development, always keeping in mind Social Responsibility in all our actions.

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