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Philip Morris GmbH

Philip Morris GmbH was awarded the Top Employers Deutschland and Top Employers Europe and Top Employers Global certification.

Philip Morris GmbH

We're here to Make History

Philip Morris GmbH, founded in Germany in 1970, is part of Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI). With a market share of 38 percent in 2019, the company has been the market leader in the German cigarette market since 1987.
Philip Morris wants to be more than a cigarette manufacturer. The goal is to create a smoke-free future. To realize this vision, the company is fundamentally transforming and focusing on the development and marketing of smoke-free and reduced-pollution products. This fundamental re-orientation represents the greatest change in the company's history.

Philip Morris GmbH also considers an active and formative part of society - a corporate citizen - and has been supporting social projects for over 40 years as part of an overall commitment to society, particularly at the company's sites in Munich, Dresden and Berlin. The focus of the engagement is on social projects in the areas of education, domestic violence or help for the physically and socially disadvantaged. This also includes the project The Power of the Arts, which honors initiatives that use art, music, theater and dance to promote the integration of people with an immigrant background and refugees.

Philip Morris GmbH is committed to providing excellent working conditions for its employees and to supporting their professional development. For this commitment, the company was named "Top Employer Germany" for the tenth time by the international certification company Top Employers Institute in February 2020.

Philip Morris GmbH is also the first company in Germany to be awarded the EQUAL SALARY Foundation certificate.

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