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Gebäudemanagement Schleswig-Holstein AöR (GMSH)

Gebäudemanagement Schleswig-Holstein AöR (GMSH) was awarded the Top Employers Deutschland certification.

Gebäudemanagement Schleswig-Holstein AöR (GMSH)

As central service provider of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein we are responsible for the public building construction projects of the state and of the federal government. Additionally we are responsible for the facility management for the state’s properties and we procure goods and services for state authorities. In 1999 we were founded with the aim of relieving the federal state budget by bundling requirements. Since then we developed from a public authority to an agile company: the largest engineering office in Schleswig-Holstein. Our annual order volume amounts to more than 800 million euros. Altogether we have more than 1500 employees. Our head office is in Kiel and we have 13 more offices between Flensburg and Lübeck, Husum and the suburbs of Hamburg. When it comes to selecting personnel we not only take care of expertise but also of personality. We are looking for people with passion and commitment who are willing to develop. In return we promise a diversified job with interesting tasks and with the safety of the public service.

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