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EDEKA-Zentrale was awarded the Top Employers Deutschland certification.


The EDEKA Group is based on a cooperative structure. Its efficiency is based on tightly-knit networking across three tiers: the about 3.800 independent retailers are the backbone of the cooperative's success, setting the standard across Germany with modern shops that are guiding the way to the future of grocery retailing. The seven regional EDEKA companies are responsible for the operational side of the business. Whilst the EDEKA retailers provide our customers with products on a daily basis nationwide, the wholesalers supply, thanks to sophisticated logistics, our retailers with fresh and highly quality foods daily.

The coordination of the EDEKA strategy occurs in the EDEKA headquarters in Hamburg, which manages the national goods procurement as well as the successful campaign “We love food.” This is also where the impulses come from for the realization of group-wide goals – for example the development of continuous IT structures and modern personal development and qualification concepts for retail trade. With its subsidiary Netto Marken-Discount, it also sets successful trends in discount business and completes the wide range of services offered by EDEKA.

With annual sales revenues of roughly EUR 51.9 billion in 2017, 11,430 locations, and 369,300 employees, and about 17,150 apprentices, EDEKA is one of the top companies in the German grocery retailing market.

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