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AIDA Cruises

AIDA Cruises was awarded the Top Employers Deutschland certification.

AIDA Cruises

AIDA - With a smile to successful development

With the commissioning of the first ship in 1996, we have given the modern cruise industry a distinctive face. AIDA Cruises has been part of the Carnival group since 2004. Costa Crociere, the continental European Carnival subsidiary headquartered in Genova, is responsible for AIDA Cruises.
AIDA addresses open-minded, active guests of all ages, who are looking for an advanced sophisticated, lifestyle-oriented and – at the same time- casual vacation. The AIDA fleet is one of the most modern and environmental friendly fleets in the world, and moreover the most varied one.

Today AIDA holds the pole position in Germany. The economic success is inseparably linked to the sustainable behavior: AIDA has taken social responsibility to continually improve the environmental protection standards. This will ensure that the future guests are also able to enjoy cruises to the most beautiful spots in the world.

AIDA – four letters that more and more people are associating with the best time they have had all year. The employees work on modern cruise ships and at two land-based locations for just this one goal. In order to achieve this with every cruise time and time again, AIDA Cruises offers exceptional working conditions and excellent career opportunities.

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