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Vorwerk China was awarded the Top Employers China certification.

Vorwerk China

Vorwerk was founded in Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in 1883. Over the course of its life the company, which began as a carpet factory, has grown into a multinational corporate group with a highly diversified business portfolio ranging from high-end carpets, intelligent household appliances, beauty and skincare products, to financial business. Supported by nearly 650,000 employees worldwide, Vorwerk operates in more than 70 countries and regions and had a turnover of more than 2.9 billion euros in 2019, and apart from being a household name in Germany is well known in Italy, Spain and many other European countries.

Vorwerk entered the Chinese market in 1994 and built the Vorwerk China Factory in Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai, in 2000, later adding a technical R&D center in the park. Across China the company now has nearly 60 branches and experience centers and nearly 4,000 employees. It has expanded rapidly in the country with double-digit growth in each of the past few years. China is now one of the group’s most important strategic markets.

In China, sales of Vorwerk’s three major products, the Kobold homecare system, the Thermomix multifunctional food processor and the Temial tea maker, are enjoying significant growth.
Kobold is a complete homecare solution provider specializing in developing and producing a comprehensive household cleaning system. For more than 100 years Kobold has drawn on its German roots with a commitment to the highest quality, constantly developing innovative products by putting customers first, the ultimate aim being to create a more clean and healthy living environment. The Kobold homecare system includes vacuum cleaners, carpet dust removers, mite cleaners and air purifiers.
The Thermomix multifunctional food processor is a unique digitally powered all-in-one cooking appliance. The Thermomix digital ecosystem keeps users organized from meal preparation to clean up, making homemade cooking effortless. In fact, with Thermomix anyone can cook like a chef. Thanks to the endless inspiration of the Thermomix recipe platform with more than 50,000 guided cooking recipes from around the globe, users can savor international cuisine without ever leaving home. The innovative multifunctional food processor, which occupies space of little more than the area of an A4 sheet of paper, will deliver endless cooking inspiration to your fingertips.
State-of-the-art German technology that respects and reflects traditional tea culture is the essence of the Temial tea maker. By combining the latest technology and tea brewing traditions to bring high-quality tea to everyday life, Temial is committed to leading the promotion of authentic tea culture, enabling tea lovers to make a proper cup of tea at home, and guiding users to explore and experience tea culture in innovative ways.

As a pursuer of excellence and an advocate of collaboration, Vorwerk is innovation-driven and future-oriented. It is committed to bringing high-quality life into every household by developing human-oriented products, marketing practices and user experience; empowering global customers and creating a better future by implementing a unique experience-based marketing strategy; and operating the group with a long-term perspective in line with its sustainable development philosophy and healthy profit model.

Vorwerk’s commercial success in China enables it to further invest in improving the quality of life of Chinese families, interacting with local communities and protecting the environment. From charity programs for those with mental disabilities and enterprise-village targeted poverty alleviation initiatives to donations to Wuhan and front line medical workers during the pandemic, Vorwerk is devoted to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities by creating a better living environment for Chinese families, giving back to society, in particular children, the elderly and vulnerable groups, and realizing its sustainable development goals.

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