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KPMG China was awarded the Top Employers China certification.

KPMG China

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services. In 1945, KPMG China established its first office in Hong Kong and became the first international accounting network to be granted a joint venture licence in mainland China in 1992. KPMG China currently operates in 25 cities across China, with around 12,000 partners and staff.
Whatever your role in KPMG, we make a positive impact on society through the work we do. By staying focused on what really matters and acting as stewards for the next generation. We operate with this purpose in mind in order to become ‘THE CLEAR CHOICE’, for the people, our clients and the public - this is our vision.
‘Our people are extraordinary’, we have a people strategy in place to make this happen, involving targets to further enhance strategic recruitment, people development and ongoing engagement.
At KPMG, we understand that the skills, knowledge and capabilities of our people are central to our success. That’s why we’re fully committed to developing a continuous learning culture, with each of our professional staff receiving more than 90 hours of training last year on average.
For strategic recruitment and people development, we have:
•Tailored development programmes for different needs
•Holistic talent programmes to unleash the full potential of our talents
•Strong professional qualifications support
•HR software to track the development programme
•Balanced scorecard performance evaluation system
•Global and national mobility programmes
•Internal transfers between functions to broaden horizons
•Well-structured and transparent career path and options
•Enabled staff to focus on bringing value to clients by offshoring non-client facing work to a shared services centre
Retention and reward are very important to us and in order to enhance this, we have:
•An annual Global People Survey to review and measure staff experience at our firm and take action to improve
•We continue to optimise our way of communication so that the channels we offer are interactive, efficient and transparent
•A strong ‘People Network’
•More than 50 interest groups and organised nearly 1,000 activities
•Recognition programmes with different levels and Values Recognition Wall to recognise colleagues who demonstrate KPMG Values
•MediaSpace – KPMG China's one-stop video portal. It enables us to stay up to date with our firm's latest news and developments.
•Tune-in – a platform for senior leaders and employees from different generations and departments to have two-way, interactive and honest discussions.
•Improved office environment
We embrace an open communication culture and have a series of internal communication channels. Apart from the traditional, we have an ‘Ask Chairman’ forum where colleagues have the chance to direct any questions, especially those related to the firm’s business strategy, to the Chairman. We organise a series of tune-in sessions for leaders and employees from different generations and departments to have lively discussions. Other ways we reach out to our people include our Weekly Wrap up – a weekly firm-wide newsletter, the China portal, Pulse TV, MediaSpace and People Network. All these tools are there to ensure that our people are able to communicate with seniors frequently in terms of their ideas and general feedback.
Every year, we conduct our Global People Survey, which measures our people’s perception regarding how well we engage, enable and energise people to demonstrate the desirable behaviours and live up to our purpose and vision. It provides leadership with essential information on the drivers of our business performance and employee engagement levels. High performers are recognised and rewarded for their achievements which are directly linked to our values and purpose with our firm’s recognition awards.
As much as we work hard, we encourage our employees to find time to relax. We organise a wide range of activities through our myLife programme to help our people find a balance between their professional and personal lives. We have 50+ interest groups, apart from sports and cultural groups, we also have a parents group to support working parents. The firm also organises bigger events like ‘Family Fun Days’, where we offer our employees one-day theme park tour or different family-friendly activities for staff and their families. We have a ‘Flexible Wellness’ programme for staff whereby they have a fixed lump sum of money which they can use to pay for any health or wellness activities.
To be the clear choice of the public, we leverage our firm’s resources and people’s core skills to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. We do that by four CSR strategic areas of focus: Lifelong Learning, Advancing Sustainability, Promoting Inclusive Development and Inclusion and Diversity. While KPMG Foundation is the charity arm that helps us invest in the community development, our colleagues can contribute via various volunteering activities: joining teaching missions in the KPMG Hope Schools in rural China; hosting financial literacy workshops for secondary school students; and helping migrant youth to better integrate into the metropolitan city life.

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