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Experian Bulgaria EAD

Experian Bulgaria EAD was awarded the Top Employers Bulgaria certification.

Experian Bulgaria EAD

Experian is a leader in consumer and business credit reporting, analytical solutions and marketing services, helping businesses make the right decisions at the right time and manage risk better.
The office in Bulgaria was established in 2004 and today more than 1000 people work here.
As part of the global development centres, Experian Bulgarian provides the largest Software Development, Delivery and Analytics capacity. Major business activities:

Software development and solutions delivery (50% of all staff), which are teams who have global footprint;
Finance Services (14%);
Analytics/ Data Science (15%);
Application and Infrastructure Support (7%);
Other services (14%).

Experian Bulgaria is a proud winner of employer awards for well developed and innovative HR and talent acquisition practices. With this in place we strive to create an environment for growth and development of our talents and help create a better tomorrow.

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