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Worldline NV SA

Worldline NV SA was awarded the Top Employers België/Belgique and Top Employers Europe certification.

Worldline NV SA

Worldline is the European market leader in electronic payments and transaction services. For 45+ years now, we've been building bridges between merchants and consumers thanks to innovative payment solutions and services that meet their needs. Today, more than 100,000 merchants both large and small rely on us to make easy and secure payments a breeze for their clients.
Worldline formulates systems and solutions that ensure seamless execution for both our clients and their customers. Thanks to our enormous processing capacity, we process billions of transactions every year in our highly secure data centers. A great end user experience is our goal, and you undoubtedly use our products and services in your everyday life – from withdrawing cash at an ATM, to paying for your meal at a restaurant. If you’ve ever purchased tickets online, you used our systems to do so. Anytime you use an online payment method to make a purchase, we’re right there with you. Worldline is proud to deliver our value-added products and services to merchants and consumers around the globe.

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