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TUC RAIL was awarded the Top Employers België/Belgique certification.


Over the years, TUC RAIL has established itself as a leading company in railway technology engineering, both in Belgium and abroad.
The company has made innovation its trademark, with the aim of building, adapting and modernising infrastructures. Communication, autonomy and initiative are stimulated on a daily basis, in a participative spirit.
Our slogan "Flexible Thinking, Reliable Results" inspires both our work and our employees. We create sustainable projects, participate in ground-breaking innovations and diversify our experiences to offer our employees a wide range of career opportunities.
Soft mobility, which has been at the centre of political and ecological concerns in recent years, is our passion, it is what drives us, what we want to strive for.
At TUC RAIL, our employees are proud to be part of a more sustainable world and work together to improve mobility of tomorrow.

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