Data Steward

The Data Steward is responsible for maintaining the quality of data sources as well as securing and overseeing the full spectrum of data relevant to the needs of colleagues in order to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted work process. An amicable character as a Data Steward will serve the successful candidate well when liaising with internal stakeholders. This may include: fulfilling requests from various sources, providing support and guidance and offering informed and relevant recommendations.

If networking as part of a Global Digital team, as well as participating in and leading several projects for the purposes of developing effective and streamlined data management appeals to you, then this is a position well-worth applying for.

Key result areas and main activities

The Data Steward will ensure that Top Employers Institute gets the maximum value from their data by:

Expertly handling all topics and activities related to data processing.

  • Providing guidelines for the effective processing of data.
  • Administering and securing valuable information in compliance with regulatory obligations and organisational policy.

Owning the delivery and providing data governance expertise by:

  • Being accessible and assisting all those who work with data within the company.
  • Understanding how incoming/outgoing data is collected, maintained, and interpreted.
  • Providing guidance for internal users regarding the structure and relationships of data.
  • By disseminating, monitoring and overseeing data governance guidelines.
  • Creating and monitoring an effective and user-friendly object model (objects and fields).

Being the primary facilitator of data compliance procedures and providing guidance relating to data security protocols by:

  • Establishing guidelines for securing data privacy, data compliance and data quality, as well as monitoring the adherence to such guidelines.
  • Securing data, as well as overseeing and maintaining of data security.
  • The diligent managing of data backup and recovery processes.

Periodically executing data maintenance and optimisation by:

  • Monitoring the storage and usage of data.
  • Conducting and managing mass data transactions and overseeing data load variances.
  • Managing and executing data exports.

Managing data quality by:

  • Being responsible for the integrity of data stored and integrated on the Salesforce platform.
  • Being responsible for the duplication and cleaning of data.

Qualification Criteria.

  • Higher Vocational Education.
  • 1-2 years relevant experience.
  • Excellent proficiency in: Computer Skills, Data Collection and Analysis.
  • Proven experience in Assessment of IT and particular in Data management performance and requirements.
  • Correct testing-identified problems or recommend actions for their resolutions.
  • Preference for organization, procedure, and exactitude.
  • A tendency to work intensely to achieve and exceed difficult standards.
  • High degree of consistency between words and actions.
  • A tendency toward passionate and steadfast pursuit of long-term goals, in spite of obstacles, discouragement, or distraction.
  • Collaborative attitude, with a preference for work-related interdependence, group decision making, and pursuing shared goals.
  • Stakeholder management and guidance to embed global governance standards.
  • Advanced English
  • Based in The Netherlands