What would a Top Employer do?

For a multi-generational workforce engagement comes in different shapes and forms…and sometimes, different environments. Want to know what else they have on their minds before signing a contract?

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    Podcast Productivity in The Modern World with Perry Timms

    An international TEDx speaker, advisor and award-winning writer on the future of work, HR & learning. Perry’s work in progressive thinking in HR and the workplace of the future was recognised by his inclusion on HR Magazine’s HR’s Most Influential Thinkers List for 2017 and up to 5th most influential in 2018.

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    Blog Millennials: A Generation of Aspirations

    Millennials have been given somewhat of a bad reputation over the years, with many of their ambitions being misunderstood as entitlement. On the flip side of the coin, millennials are ambitious and they seem to have a better understanding of their own generation than many that came before them.

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For a better world of work

Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognising excellence in people practices. Through the certification programme, participating companies can be validated, certified and recognised as an employer of choice. If your organisation wants to attract and retain the best talent with their exceptional employee conditions, apply for the Top Employers Institute certification programme today. 

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