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Career & Succession Management

Now more important than ever

Career and Succession Management has become an established and mature HR process over recent years, initially within larger organizations, but more recently acquiring growing significance with smaller businesses too. These are testing times for HR; growing skills shortages, fear of losing valuable knowledge, restlessness amongst a new generation, and so forth. Career & Succession Management processes are now more important than ever.

The full report, updated with 2016 data, includes:

  • 4 Key trends
  • Never before shared research results
  • Case studies: Unilever and Dimension Data
  • Top Employers' Best Practices

What Top Employers Say about Career & Succession Management

The Research

The report’s findings are based on a sample of 600 organizations in 102 countries, certified as Top Employers by the Top Employers Institute. Only organizations with more than 3,000 employees locally, or more than 5,000 employees worldwide, are included.