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MSD Italia

Gesundheitswesen, Pharmazeutische Industrie
MSD Italia ist in einem unabhängigen Untersuchungsprozess durch das Top Employers Institute als Top Employers Italia und Top Employers Europe zertifiziert.
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MSD is the Italian subsidiary of Merck & Co., a multinational pharmaceutical company founded in 1891 and a world leader in the health sector. The company is known worldwide as MSD, except for the United States and Canada, where it operates under the name of Merck & Co.

Through its prescription medicines, vaccines, biological therapies and animal health products, MSD operates in over 140 countries with nearly 70,000 employees, providing innovative healthcare solutions (thanks to an annual R&D investment of nearly 10 billion dollars), committed to increasing the health care access through targeted policies, programs and partnerships.

MSD is proud of its Social Responsibility commitment, where it reaches $ 2.8 billion annually.

MSD has been present in Italy for over 60 years, with around 1,000 employees and strong research investments, not only for the clinical studies conducted in the country (91 clinical studies with 480 centers involved and, in 2018, investments exceeding 33 million Euros), but also for supporting initiatives of independent research.

For 5 consecutive years, MSD Italia has been awarded as Best Digital Healthcare Company in Italy (in 2019, it has been recognized as Best Social Company), as Company leader for CSR and furthermore has been confirmed in the list of the best Companies to work for, accordingly to the ranking drawn up by Top Employer Institute and Great Place to Work.
Moreover, the Great Place to Work Institute also recognized MSD as Best Workplace™ for Women 2019 and Best Workplace™ for Millennials 2019. These prestigious awards are the result of the daily commitment that is focused on placing people at the center and building a work environment in which employees can grow, develop their talents and operate in the best conditions, building relationships based on mutual trust and being inspired by the utmost correctness and fairness of treatment.
In 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019, MSD Italia also received the prestigious Galeno’s Award Italia – the Nobel Price equivalent for the pharmaceutical sector and the highest tribute to research and development in this field.
In 2019, the President and CEO of MSD Italia, Nicoletta Luppi, was awarded Businessperson of the Year by Fortune Italia magazine.
MSD Italia is an ISO 9001 certified company.
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter: 1000
In folgenden Ländern tätig: 140

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