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Discover the value of the Top Employers Certification

Top Employers Institute strives to enrich the world of work by accelerating the impact of people strategies. We do this through our global Certification Programme that is designed to help your organisation grow as an employer of choice.

Based on unbiased research from an independent market research company, this report reveals the value of our services in line with the Top Employers Institute pillars of Brand, Benchmark, Align and Connect. The research, carried out in 2019, focused on both quantitative methods and comprehensive qualitative interviews with certified Top Employers all over the world. 

Key Findings:

  • Across the globe, a high majority of Top Employers agree that the Top Employers Institute Certification Programme creates value for their organisation.
  • Virtually all customers value the four benefit pillars of the Certification Programme, with the branding potential of the Certification Seal and the ability to benchmark against best practices being the most valued benefits.
    • Over 90% of certified Top Employers customers use the Certification Seal to attract and/or engage talent.
    • 80% customers cited alignment while 75% cited opportunities to connect with a worldwide community as delivering value to their company
  • Keeping track of HR best practices and gaining inspiration and new ideas are the two main reasons for attending events organised by Top Employers Institute.

Download the report to discover the value your organisation can benefit from by participating in the Top Employers Institute Certification Programme.