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SAP in Israel

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SAP in Israel was awarded the Top Employers Israel and Top Employers Middle East and Top Employers Global certification.
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SAP's development lab is part of SAP's international development setup, and serves as one of SAP's global strategic development centers. The lab is located in Ra'anana and recruits experienced workers, university graduates and students, particularly from computer science, software engineering, information systems and industrial management programs. Products developed in Israel are incorporated in the global company's advanced systems, and are developed in a variety of technologies such as .Net, C++, JAVA, JAVA Script, and HTML5. Within SAP Lab Israel, the products that are developed are in the areas of in-memory database and cloud computing and are central to SAP'

Number of employees: 650
Number of active countries: 130


وقد كشف البحث المستقل الذي أجريناه أن SAP in Israel توفر للموظفين ميزات استثنائية وترعى وتنمي مهاراتهم في جميع المستويات التنظيمية؛ فقد أوجدت الشركة لنفسها مكانًا لتكون رائدة في مجال الموارد البشرية إذ تسعى سعيًا دؤوبًا ومتواصلاً لتحسين ممارسات التوظيف وتطويرها على الدوام

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