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SAP España

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SAP España was awarded the Top Employers España and Top Employers Europe and Top Employers Global certification.
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SAP Spain has developed a comprehensive personnel management strategy aimed at achieving the highest level of talent attraction and retention. SAP Spain has 600 employees, providing its customers with ongoing support on the road towards the digital economy. The company’s client portfolio in Spain includes over 6,000 businesses of different sizes and industries.
SAP has policies in place aimed at fostering professional development, diversity, integration and putting an end to bias, while also encouraging equal opportunities and conciliation. All of these practices have the aim of ensuring the best possible experience for the company’s employees.
The organization runs a series of programs and initiatives aimed at driving talent management and career development, as well as creating an optimal working environment. Likewise, its employees enjoy a range of privileges and compensation over and above the industry average.

Number of employees: 578
Number of active countries: 130


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