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Vodafone Egypt was awarded the Top Employers Egypt and Top Employers Africa certification.
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Vodafone Egypt entered the Egyptian market in 1998, providing Telecom services & solutions.
In 2006, Vodafone Egypt launched its off-shore operations “VIS”, dedicated to outsourcing business processes & IT services, with over 3,000 employees who collectively speak 10 different languages to provide world class customer & technical support in 80 countries.
Vodafone has become the leading mobile operator in Egypt, not only in revenue share but also in customer base, serving more than 40 million customers.
In October 2016, Vodafone acquired the 4G license against an investment of EGP 3.5 Bn and the service was officially launched in September 2017.
Vodafone contributed with more than EGP 450 million to the community development, through Vodafone Egypt Foundation.
Vodafone Egypt was named “Ideal employer” for 7 years in a row directly employ over 10,000 Egyptians, creating over 70,000 indirect employment opportunities.

Number of employees: 10000
Number of active countries: 26


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