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AXA Egypt was awarded the Top Employers Egypt certification.
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AXA Egypt is part of the AXA Group, a leading global insurance company recognized for its outstanding quality service.
Awarded the #1 insurance brand worldwide for the 10th consecutive year, we earned the trust of 107 million customers in 64 countries with the commitment & hard work of 160,000 employees around the world.
More than 3 decades worldwide & 3 endearing years in the Egyptian market, guided by our moral compass & our four core values: Customer First, Integrity, Courage & One AXA. As we ensure that our employees come first too, we constantly encourage them to speak their minds, innovate so we could grow and take bold actions as one team.
In an ever-changing & fast-evolving world , we�re eagerly making the change from being a �payer� to becoming a real �partner� to our customers, & our employees. We are ready to work closely together with our customers to create services and solutions that empower you to live a better life while planning for a better future too.

Number of employees: 700
Number of active countries: 64


وقد كشف البحث المستقل الذي أجريناه أن AXA Egypt توفر للموظفين ميزات استثنائية وترعى وتنمي مهاراتهم في جميع المستويات التنظيمية؛ فقد أوجدت الشركة لنفسها مكانًا لتكون رائدة في مجال الموارد البشرية إذ تسعى سعيًا دؤوبًا ومتواصلاً لتحسين ممارسات التوظيف وتطويرها على الدوام

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