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The Top Employers Certification Programme 2015 is now open.

The annual Top Employers certification programme celebrates the exceptional employee offerings of the world’s leading employers. Participate in the certification programme and position your company amongst an exclusive index of leading multinationals and the industry front-runners that are setting the employer benchmark.

The certification programme schedule varies depending on the country or region of participation.

Detailed information about planning in all territories is available. Select the country of your choice and learn more. It is possible to become certified in almost every country in the world thanks to our independent research methodology. For more details please contact the Top Employers Institute directly.

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Top Employers is voor ons niet alleen een tool om onze prestaties voortdurend te monitoren en te verbeteren, maar biedt ons ook een mooie, continue versterking van onze marktwaarde als werkgever en dus een betere toegang tot de nieuwste en beste talenten. Meer lezen