Reinventing career and succession management as a strategic priority Friday, October 2, 2015

A combination of factors, such as the growing scarcity 

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4 key trends in career and succession management Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Career and succession management is undergoing far-reaching change. From being a process which focused on replacing a company’s key positions, it is evolving to focus its efforts on retention, development and employee commitment at every level of the organisation.

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How to keep evolving your Career & Succession Management Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transparency helps retention

Issues around talent retention and development remain high on the agenda for CEOs and senior HR professionals. In an uncertain economic climate with growing skill shortages, businesses can ill afford to risk losing valuable knowledge and intellectual capital, whether through retirement or a growing restlessness amongst younger workers.

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4 facts that show the actual power of the Top Employer Certification Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We conducted a study in 12 different countries in 2015 to showcase the power of the Top Employers Certification Seal. What specific impact does the Top Employer Certification Seal have on the attractiveness and image of a potential employer? How does a certification seal influence the attitude of a prospective employee towards a potential employer? How do young professionals perceive organisations that are certified as a Top Employer?

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Top Employer Pepsico, Anastasia Makarigaki testimonial On behalf of Certified Top Employer Pepsico Anastasia Makarigaki speaks about why they participate in the Top Employer Certification Programmes View video

Top Employer Goodyear, Rajita D'souza testimonial On behalf of Certified Top Employer Goodyear, Rajita D'souza speaks about why they participate in the Top Employer Certification Programme View video

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Top Employers Automotive Research Results 2014 Infographic Best Practices The Top Employers certification is only awarded to organisations that achieve the highest standards of excellence in employee conditions. *in German Read more

Working Conditions HR Trends Working conditions that the certified Top Employers in 2012 around the globe have in place for their staff Read more

The route to becoming a Top Employer HR Trends To become a certified Top Employer, organisations participate in the HR Best Practices research of the Top Employers Institute. Read more

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