Learn how to do onboarding the right way Friday, October 31, 2014

Graduates follow comprehensive integration process: Now that the graduates make their first moves towards the labor market, companies are launching several initiatives to integrate new joiners into the organization as soon as possible. This onboarding traditionally consists of a tour of the company or an introductory course on the values and mission of the company. Some companies go the extra mile. They assign a mentor, organize special events or launch special programs so that new joiners know everything about the company.

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What HR managers in Spain can reveal about their best practices in HR Monday, October 20, 2014

Madrid, 20 October 2014 - Human Resource Directors from more than 40 companies discussed their practices in leadership, learning, performance, succession and careers at the HR Summit organised by Top Employers at Campus Repsol in Madrid. During four simultaneous interactive workshops on Friday 17 October, these company leaders put emphasis on the need to move toward a culture of learning, leading by simply managing the complex, and making the employee the protagonist of his own career.

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How important is your employee’s health to your organization? Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Healthy companies, healthy organisations, and healthy work environments are terms we hear more often these days. But what lies behind these labels? At first glance, you might think you are obliged to advertise business initiatives that promote healthy habits, such as sport or nutrition, but in reality these concepts go much further.

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Six ways to optimize your Top Employer status Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How exactly do Top Employers deploy their powers of seduction? Career sites, social networks, internal recruitment…? Since recruiting is one of the top priorities of Top Employers, they use a varied range of tactics to first inform, then convince, and finally secure “top talent”. It is essential for them to get a jump on their potential rivals by inventing the most effective forms of message content. Here is the proof….

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