SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions, SAS helps customers at more than 55,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster, offering to them THE POWER TO KNOW®. At SAS, the employees are the most important assets for the company, therefore we provide them with a culture that fosters creativity and promotes innovation. This approach springs from CEO Jim Goodnight’s philosophy: “Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.”

Facts & Figures

Industry IT
Number of employees 178
Number of active countries 135

The Research

Certification is only awarded to the best employers around the world: companies that demonstrate the highest standards of employee offerings. The Top Employers Institute’s research assesses all critical areas of the Human Resources environment, certifying organisations that can demonstrate they are continuously optimising employee conditions and leading the way in the development of their people.

The employee offerings of SAS INSTITUTE BRASIL

This is a selection of the Employee Offerings that this company offers to (some of) its employees.

Communication Channels

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Formal sessions
  • Participation structures
  • Special access to CEO/Leadership
  • Suggestions box/email
  • Forums/blogs on Intranet
  • Instant messaging (e.g. MSN/Skype/Connector)
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Special/social events
  • Employee surveys

Learning and development programs

  • Graduate development programmes/traineeships
  • Talent management/high performer programmes
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Coaching/mentoring programmes
  • Peer support programmes
  • Job rotation programmes
  • General training programmes
  • Industry-related/job specific training programmes
  • Individually selected training programmes
  • International exchange programmes

Compensation and benefits

  • Car/travel allowance
  • Company car
  • Phone allowance
  • Laptop
  • Crèche/childcare facilities (above legal requirement)
  • Entertainment allowance
  • Gym or gym subsidy
  • Home Internet connection
  • Medical aid scheme
  • Meal subsidies or subsidised canteen services
  • Sabbatical/approved extended leave of absence
  • Study leave
  • Study (financial) support
  • Insurance
  • Pension scheme
  • Provident fund
  • Performance-related bonuses based on individual/team performance
  • Profit sharing/variable pay based on the organisation's performance

Networking Activities

  • Sports events
  • Organisation social event
  • Flexible workspace
  • Online chat/instant messaging
  • Online blogs or forum
  • Personal profile/social media