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The Top Employers Institute globally certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people. Optimal employee conditions ensure that people develop themselves personally and professionally. This in turn enables companies to grow and to develop, always.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company, previously known as the CRF Institute, has recognised Top Employers around the world since 1991.

Recognition as a Top Employer enables companies to stand out as employers of choice. This is beneficial for all stakeholders, and in particular their current and prospective employees. Being certified provides companies with the opportunity to celebrate their achievements and to reinforce the role of the HR environment in the business.

David Plink, CEO: “Over the years, we have assessed and certified companies the world over using our proprietary methodology. We strongly value our objectivity, independence and selectivity. As a result, current and prospective employees can trust upon the certified organisations to have excellent conditions in place for their people to develop. Always.”

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McDonald's France has, for the past six 6 years, had great pleasure in taking part in the annual "Top Employer" competition. It is a genuine privilege for our company to have been selected each year by this nationally and internationally acclaimed Institute. The high standards and the thoroughness of the benchmark methodology which serves as a basis for auditing our HR practices are particularly remarkable and demanding. The "Top Employer" quality label is today widely recognized by all those who take an interest in our labour-relations policy and in particular by students seeking their first work experience. It also constitutes an excellent tool for conducting the annual assessment of the HR strategies and policies being implemented in our various business sites not just in France but throughout Europe.

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