About Mutual & Federal

Mutual & Federal, a subsidiary of the Old Mutual Group, has an extensive range of insurance products and solutions to fulfill personal, commercial and corporate needs and we are considered experts in agriculture, engineering and marine insurance. Our vision is to become the short-term insurer of choice, trusted by our customers to provide innovative solutions to protect them financially in the event of a loss. Our values of pushing beyond boundaries, integrity, accountability, respect and passion delivered in our interactions with customers have led us to be rated as the most improved short term insurer in the 2015 SA Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi).

Facts & Figures

Industry Insurance
Number of employees 2240
Number of active countries 4

The Research

Certification is only awarded to the best employers around the world: companies that demonstrate the highest standards of employee offerings. The Top Employers Institute’s research assesses all critical areas of the Human Resources environment, certifying organisations that can demonstrate they are continuously optimising employee conditions and leading the way in the development of their people.

The employee offerings of Mutual & Federal

This is a selection of the Employee Offerings that this company offers to (some of) its employees.

Learning and development programs

  • Job rotation programmes
  • Online training programmes (always available)
  • Collaborative Learning Experiences (e.g. Action learning group/Team-based learning)
  • Coaching
  • Graduate development programmes/traineeships
  • Internship programmes

Compensation and benefits

  • Employee discounts on company services/products
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Overpay

Flexible Working Conditions

  • Flexi-time working
  • Telecommuting/working from home
  • Time off in lieu (TOIL)/Time-for-time

Networking Activities

  • Sports events (e.g. sports day)
  • Organising weekly drinks or other social event (by staff association)
  • Seasonal social events
  • Special informal sessions with Executive Management

Onboarding Activities

  • Pre-Employment package (after contract is signed)
  • Step-by-step On-boarding programme (hard copy or online)
  • Meeting with HR to explain procedures
  • Check-in meetings at specific intervals
  • Meeting with manager regarding job role, tasks,expectations
  • A buddy is assigned to the new employee
  • Meeting with CEO/Executive Management
  • Induction course (covering the organisation’s mission,vision, values)
  • A role-specific introductory training programme
  • Employee handbook that specifies HR policy and regulations (hard copy or online)
  • Announcement/introduction by management
  • A tour around the organisation

Career and succession management

  • Job rotation
  • Training programme
  • Coaching
  • Special assignment
  • Secondment
  • Job enrichment

Secondary benefits

  • Laptop
  • On-site parking
  • Group transport
  • Mobile Telephone
  • Car/travel allowance
  • Company car

Well-being programs

  • EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)
  • Wellness programmes
  • In-house doctor
  • Confidential adviser
  • Religious and/or spiritual facilities (e.g. prayer room)
  • Safety programme
  • Stress management
  • Health & Safety officer/manager
  • Personal support line
  • Employee debt support
  • Health screening programme
  • Weight loss programme
  • On-site flu vaccinations
  • Rewards or bonuses for achieving or completing certain health and wellness goals/programmes
  • Nutritional information programmes