About Novartis SA (Pty) Ltd

Novartis is a world leader in healthcare and provides innovative solutions to meet the needs of patients and the communities in which it operates. The company embraces an integrated strategy which helps it to maintain a competitive edge within the pharmaceutical industry. One of Novartis’ fundamental pillars of operation is its people. The company takes part in global surveys to ensure that it constantly improves its work environment for employees. Moreover, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Novartis. The company is active in 140 countries and each environment is customised to fit the country in question.

Facts & Figures

Industry Pharmaceuticals
Number of employees 288
Number of active countries 140

The Research

Certification is only awarded to the best employers around the world: companies that demonstrate the highest standards of employee offerings. The Top Employers Institute’s research assesses all critical areas of the Human Resources environment, certifying organisations that can demonstrate they are continuously optimising employee conditions and leading the way in the development of their people.