International Management

Nicole Jin, Country Manager China

Nicole joined the Top Employers Institute as Country Manager in December 2011. Prior to joining our company, Nicole had been working as a Recruiting Consulting for more than six years, to help people making right career decision and providing professional consultancy. Furthermore Nicole has gained business analysis experience with Dun & Bradstreet China. Nicole holds a Bachelor Degree from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Johann Labuschagne, Executive Vice President NOAM

Johann has worked internationally for many years in Executive Business Management positions, International Brand and Sales Management. He joined the Top Employers Institute at the beginning of 2007. Since then he has been Country Manager for our company in South Africa and the UK. In 2010 he has been appointed as Global Accounts Director. Now he is the Executive Vice President for NOAM responsible for developing the Top Employer Brand in the North American region and is based in Washington DC.

Eleanor Nickerson, Country Manager United Kingdom

With a background in HR, Training & Development, and people management, Eleanor joined the Top Employers Institute in 2011 after a decade in Canada. Within our company, Eleanor brings together her experience to ensure that the Top Employers United Kingdom are recognised as the leaders that they are.

Benoit Montet, Country Manager France

Benoit has over 20 years of expertise in the creation, development and management of human resources projects. He has held leadership positions in Human Resources in France and abroad, in large industrial, service and distribution groups. He is in charge of following the French Top Employers’ participants and team.

Martine Nicolaij, International Brand Manager

Martine has been working with the Top Employers Institute since 2007. She is responsible for the positioning and quality improvement of the Top Employers Institute and its Top Employers brand and certification programs. Martine leads the marketing team in the Top Employers Institute’s headquarters and co-ordinates marketing and communications requirements in the various country operations.

Alessio Tanganelli, Regional Director Spain, Italy and Brasil

Alessio started his career with the Top Employers Institute in 2008. Since then, he has developed the Top Employers certification program in Italy. He has extensive experience in the management of international projects, with major skills in direct selling, communication and negotiation.

Magdalena Kusik, Country Manager Poland

From the beginning of her career, Magdalena's work has been focused around Human Resources. She started working for the Top Employers Institute in 2008. Since then, Magdalena has built the Top Employers certification programme in Poland.

Salvador Ibanez, Country Manager Spain

Since he joined the company in 2006, Salvador has been responsible for the Top Employers certification program in Spain. He has developed his career in the areas of Human Resources, Quality and Sales.

Billy Elliott, Country Manager South Africa

Billy, joined the Top Employers Institute 7 years ago and has a background in sales and marketing. He is the Country Manager of the South African operation and works closely with the Certification, Research and Innovation department at headquarters in the Netherlands.

Gerlinde Utter, Product Development Manager

Gerlinde joined the company in 2012 as a Project Manager for Germany & Switzerland. In 2013 she has been appointed as Deputy Country Manager. Gerlinde has a background in training & consulting and holds a Master in Sociology & Social Psychology and completed a MBA in 2014. Her Thesis about Innovation led to her next career step as a Product Development Manager at Top Employers Institute’s headquarters.

Steven van Raemdonck, Deputy Country Manager Belgium

Steven joined the Top Employers Institute in 2007 on a freelance basis. He holds a master degree in translation from the University of Antwerp. His previous work includes direct response media, publishing and marketing. Nowadays, Steven is responsible for the Belgian office and the development of Top Employers on the Belgian market.

Aernoudt van der Wilk, Sales Operations Manager

Aernoudt van der Wilk started at the Top Employers Institute in 2011 as an Account Manager for Top Employers Netherlands and has since then developed into the role of Sales Operations manager. He has a passion for Sales Management and the Neuroscience behind Decision Making.

Steffen Neefe, Country Manager DECH

Steffen commands over ten years of professional experience in project management, leadership and B2B sales. After having earned his degree in business economics, he started his management career with a global market leader in recruiting. Steffen joined Top Employers Institute as Country Manager DECH in 2015 and is responsible for further growing the business in the German speaking region.

James Gooding, Deputy Country Manager United Kingdom

James joined Top Employers in 2012 as UK Sales Manager, and since then has moved into the position of Deputy Country Manager. With a background in news media recruitment advertising and employer branding, James manages the client-facing and daily operations side of the UK business.

Quinten van Es
Quinten van Es, Certification Manager

Since early 2015 Quinten is responsible for the entire Certification Process within Top Employers Institute. Before joining the company he worked as a senior consultant for a consulting firm specialised in HR Transformation & HR Technology. As a consultant he has been intensively involved in the development of the current Top Employers certification standard and methodology. Quinten has a background in Business Informatics.

Gustavo Tavares, Country Manager Brasil

Gustavo has an extensive background in helping companies to achieve outstanding results through people development, having worked with some of the most emblematic companies in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Mexico. Gustavo holds a MBA in Executive Management and prior to joining Top Employers Institute, he has spent almost 20 years working at word-class consulting and advisory firms.

Rutger Steyerberg, Country Manager Benelux

Early 2016 Rutger joined the company after approximately two decades of broad HR experience. Rutger started his career in financial services followed by health care and working as an HR Interim Professional in various roles as Strategic HR consultant, Change Agent, Project Manager and Trainer/Facilitator. The last couple of years Rutger worked as HR board member in FMCG industries. He switched to the business roll as Country Manager Benelux with the Top Employers Institute.

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